For years I had no idea I was sabotaging my life and my companies. I didn't know it because it all happened subconsciously in my own mind. Now that I am aware of my "invisible" behavior, D3 and my online company are both growing faster than ever and our team can help more people change.  

Self sabotage is scary because, like I said, you have no idea you are doing it or even why you are doing it. You just end up feeling constantly disappointed, frustrated, stuck and on a slippery slope of daily negative self talk.  

And guess what, almost ALL of us do it, daily! Until you know about it consciously, you will continue self sabotaging on auto pilot.  

If you want to turn this dream drowning behavior around and learn about how I can help you with your own self sabotaging behavior, I will be running a webinar called, "Your Silent Beliefs Are Crushing Your Dreams. Stop Self Sabotage And Soar!" on June 12th at 7pm. 

I created this webinar to help you stop self sabotage and finally achieve your healthy lifestyle goals (heck, all your goals).  

When I found out about my own self sabotage, I decided that it was my responsibility to teach others about how it slowly and silently destroys us. It chips away at our confidence and leads us to feeling empty and unworthy.

 I believe I went through my "self sabotaging season" because God wants me to help YOU stop. I asked Him for my true calling. This is what He showed me. I'm picking up the phone and putting it on blast!  


So, join the webinar now!

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Dre, The Exercise Habit Coach


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