Will You Be The Next Online Really Big Loser?

 Lose Weight. Have Fun. Win & Pay Nothing!


This Super Fun 28 Day (4 WEEKS) Online Challenge Is Perfect For YOU If You Are Ready To Have Fun, Crank-Up Your Weight Loss, & Get Real Results... With or Without A Gym.


It's Time To Either Jump Start Your Weight Loss Goals Or Boost Your Results!  

  • Do you need a fun way to jump start your weight loss goals?
  • Are you setting weight loss goals and then procrastinating on when you will start ? 
  • Do you need a little something something different to accelerate your results?
  • Do you need support and encouragement to help you stay focused and on track?

If so, this is the challenge you must try!

Why You Should Participate...

  • In this challenge, you will have a community of support from people all over the world who share your goals of getting healthy and dropping weight. 
  • This challenge is really simple. There are basic rules you must follow, but there is absolutely nothing overwhelming at all! It's actually fun. I promise!
  • The nutrition plan is also very easy to follow (thank goodness, right?) and offers tons of options for you to choose from so you won't get bored nor feel deprived!
  • We know that you may or may not be in the best shape of your life (we get it :-), so we provide you with modifications for all of the workouts. You can be advanced or a couch potato and still kick butt in this challenge! So stop worrying! :-)
  • If you win, you do the challenge for free because you get a FULL REFUND! 
  • Lastly, it works!!

Hey, I'm Dre Nichols Everett, the creator of this challenge, and I know the crappy struggle of weight loss.

For years, I struggled with my weight because I just hated exercise and I loved to eat anything I wanted to eat. 

Sound familiar?

Well, back when I was struggling, there was nothing available to help me get excited about losing weight. Nothing fun or motivating except sitting in a Weight Watcher's meeting.

Some fun, huh?

So, because I did no have any programming to support me, I made it a mission to create this challenge so you could!

That is exactly why I packed this online challenge with everything I wanted in a weight loss program and more. 

It's fun, effective, and full of support! 

Your Online Success Coach will hold you accountable to maximizing your results and will provide an encouraging excuse-free environment where you and your teammates will thrive and FINISH! 

In just 28 days, you are going to be so proud of yourself! 

See you inside the challenge!

Thrilled I Can Provide This Solution To You!


The Exercise Habit Coach

Ready To See What Ya Get Inside The Challenge?

A Super Simple Nutrition Plan You Can Follow As A Lifestyle Because It's NOT A Fad Diet!

This nutrition plan is simple because we provide you with a wide range of foods and the perfect portion sizes so you lose weight but still feel fulfilled. The plan is so simple that you can literally turn your brain off and follow the plan! Once the challenge is over, we encourage you to stay on the plan long term if you want to continue to lose weight. 

The Workouts Are Designed For All Fitness Levels

Some challenge participants may work out every day, while others have not worked out in years, so we have created "At Home Workouts" any fitness level can handle. Just be sure to use the modifications provided if you have not worked out in awhile, so you do not over exert yourself too soon! You can do the workouts at your home, at D3 Boot Camp in Chicago, or at your local gym! We are flexible on where you complete the workouts. But you MUST workout! 

Your Team Of Support Will Hold Your Hand And Hold You Accountable Even After The Challenge Is Over! 

Have you gotten good results from a weight loss challenge, but dread the end because you're afraid you will fall back into your old crappy habits? 

Well, say goodbye to that nonsense! We not only offer fantastic support during this challenge, we also have you covered once it ends! 

Let me explain.

Challenges, like this one, are short term and are meant to offer you the option of jump starting a new goal, or they push you to go a bit harder on an established goal. 

Once the challenge is over, however, you need to maintain your momentum, but not at the same intensity level. That is why we offer an amazing online accountability program you can jump right into so you can continue your weight loss and finally achieve the goal you want to maintain. 

Cool, right? 

In the last week of the program, we will provide more info so you can get started without missing a beat! 

What's Possible In Just 28 Days...

“How in the world did I lose 14.6 pounds in 28 days? That's 1 pound every other day! I was shocked because it was actually fun and I had a blast-blasting my fat!”

Jen R.

“I just felt so proud of myself for finishing. I have a busy life and sometimes I can fall off & quit on my weight loss goals, but not this time! I loved this challenge because it just felt easy, I felt supported, and I look great, lol!”

Ivan A.

Here Are A Few More Awesome Benefits Of The Challenge!

  • You can participate in this challenge from anywhere in the world! 
  • We don't allow you to make excuses for anything, so you will finish and be proud of yourself.
  • Everything is based on a point system in the challenge, so the more points you get, the closer you are to becoming the winner.
  • Get surprise challenges to boost your rankings every week.
  • You will be placed on a team (there are 2-3 teams) that will compete for weekly points. Your goal is to help your team lose the most weight and complete the mini challenges to win the Team Really Big Loser Award.


The best part of all is, when YOU win and become the next Online Really Big Loser Champion, you get a FULL REFUND! That means, you completed the challenge, you lost weight, and you look amazing 100% FOR FREE!! 

You can't beat that!

Ready To Sign Up? You Have NOTHING To Lose Except WEIGHT...



Sign Me Up! I Need The At Home Edition So I Can Do This At Home Or At My Gym.