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Sick of quitting on achieving your fitness goals? You are in the right place!

Did you know that if you try to create a healthy lifestyle on your own, without any outside help, you have a 10% probability of accomplishing that goal? Yep, that's why it's so easy to quit!  But, did you also know that if you have a solid accountability plan with a Consistency Coach to report to, you will increase your probability of making exercise a habit by 85%?  Well, when I found this out, I was obsessed about creating an accountability program for my members so that they could finally reap the benefits of a healthy strong body. And that is exactly what we did! 

Hi, I'm Dre Nichols-Everett, The Exercise Habit Coach, the one in the middle with my dog, Divo, on my lap :-) and the lovely ladies around me are the D3 Drill Divas, what we call Fitness Trainers at D3. I created D3 Boot Camp in 2007 to help my members make exercise and creating a healthy lifestyle a consistent part of their lives so they could be stronger, healthier, and fall in love with their bodies.  Because I had such a difficult time making exercise a constant in my life for years, I have always felt that it is my responsibility to help others learn how to live their best most fit lives.

Why D3 Started Consistency Coaching Memberships

When I first started D3, the mandate for each member was to attend at least 2 classes per week minimum, because I wanted them to realize the importance of being accountable to themselves and on the "hook" with me for at least 2 classes.  As the years progressed, however, we noticed that some members were having a difficult time committing to even 2 classes per week, even though they loved the workouts.
We discovered they were allowing "life" to get in the way, as many of us do, when it comes to exercising and eating to live rather than living to eat. 

To learn more about how I could support my members in creating a consistent healthy lifestyle, I studied and read any book I could get my hands on about changing human behavior, mental fitness coaching, thought management,  and how to create and sustain healthy habits. I wanted to learn and take my time to figure out what components would be necessary to  motivate my members to incorporate serious changes so they could finally reap long term results. 

Through my studies, I came across this amazing accountability study completed by the American Society Of Training And Development. This is what they found in the study:

The probability of completing a goal if:

You have an idea or a goal:  10%

You consciously decide you will do it:  25%

You decide when you will do it:  40%

You plan how  you will do it:  50%

You commit to someone you will do it:  65%

You have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed to:  95%


So, the likelihood of getting new habits to stick, of following through on your commitments, and reaching your goals, is remarkably higher when you set a time to report back to someone on your progress.  

After I found this data and studied the importance of accountability and consistency in order to achieve our goals, I created our D3 Consistency Coaching Memberships. 

To make sure we were providing the appropriate level of consistency coaching for our members, we asked them what they felt they needed to succeed.  Once all the responses were collected, we realized that they needed different levels of accountability and consistency coaching. Some needed more accountability while others required less accountability but more consistency coaching tools.  

So, to meet our members where they are, we now offer the following 2 D3 Lifestyle Consistency Coaching Memberships:

Level 1: Progress Through The Process: This Consistency Coaching Membership is all about holding our members accountable for following through on the processes that will produce the outcomes they desire. This plan is designed from what our members share with us about their specific struggles and frustrations around weight loss and exercise. So, in other words, it's created by our members, for our members. We then provide the solutions to those struggles. The main objective is to get each member to make deliberate progress toward their goals each month and connect the mental, physical and nutrition pieces together in order to create a consistent healthy lifestyle. (Medium Level Accountability)

This membership includes:

1. Mental Awareness Coaching: To stop self sabotaging behaviors linked to limiting beliefs that prevent progress and change. 

2. Physical Tracking Progress System: A way to track monthly progress.

3. Nutrition Habit Coaching: Coaching good behavioral habits and consistency around healthy food rather than dieting. 

4. Commitment Tracking: Setting goals and tracking the follow through on the commitment to achieving those goals.

5. Quarterly Group Check In Webinar: Progress check-ins.

6. Reward System For Progressing: You are rewarded every month for following your plan and progressing forward. This is one of the best parts and you are going to love it. 

Level 2: Stage Of Change Accountability: This Consistency Coaching Membership focuses on change through structured accountability. The main objective is to help our members progress through the stages of change so that they can gain the habits and behaviors of a person who leads a permanent healthy lifestyle. This option is for people in the Action or Maintenance Stage of Change.  (Heavy Level Accountability)

This membership includes everything in Progress Through The Process plus:

1. Behavioral Habit Coaching: To hone and change key behaviors needed to create consistency and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

2. Stage Of Change Coaching: Progressing members through the stages of change.

3. Accountability Tasks: Weekly tasks that must be complete in order to have a "successful" week/month.

4. Weekly Progress Check-In Webinars: Check-In with your Accountabilty Coach on a weekly basis. 

5. Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Meetings: Deep dive coaching meetings. (Action and Maintenance Members)

The Importance Of Consistency

This is what I know--when we set a new goal or attempt to make a difficult changes in our lives, we feel very enthusiastic and motivated at first. However, that initial motivation is often short lived. There are many pitfalls along the way that can easily derail us, like self-sabotaging limiting beliefs and behaviors.  If you don’t have an accountability component supporting you through those consistency challenges, it’s more likely that you will give up the goal and quit. Don't take that chance. 

Start in a D3 Consistency Coaching Membership today and learn to be consistent. 

Drop me a line at dre@d3bootcamp.com or call me at 312-276-5138 ext 10 so we can talk about YOU!

Focused On Your Results!

Dre, The Exercise Habit Coach