Most of us do not achieve our fitness and weight loss goals because we lack CONSISTENCY. 

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If you are not yet a D3 Member, we will share more information on each plan once you become a member. Or, you can go HERE to set up a Consistency Coaching Consultation.

Level 1: The D3 Member Mentor Program

You will be assigned a seasoned D3 Member Mentor who has already become consistent with their workouts. The goal is to help you get acclimated to D3 and help you get to your classes consistently. 

Level 1: The D3 Monthly Goal LeaderBoards

Compete and push yourself to stay motivated and consistent with our D3 Monthly Goal LeaderBoards!  

See exactly where you rank with your peers on your goals.  

Level 2: Monthly Self Integrity Challenge

This challenge is all about holding you accountable for following through on your pre-scheduled workouts. The goal is to get you to: "DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU WILL DO". You will also get additional behavior habit training to create new healthy habits. 

*You can also add on Text Accountability to this challenge for an additional fee.

*Nutrition Consistency info HERE.

Level 3: The D3 Lifestyle Accountability Programs

This is our flagship option when you need more than a basic level of consistency and you are ready to add on Nutrition Accountability Coaching as well. There are 2 levels of accountability in this program and they include mental fitness coaching, behavior change coaching, nutrition coaching, and new habit development coaching.